Distributor plate

Sigarth, Monclac


The distributor plate is a Patented solution that reduces pressure shocks in the air intake caused by turbulent air, which can occur in tall buildings or in exposed places such as open falls or in the marine environment.

The air gets a smoother flow through filters, which also extends the life of the filter.

Noise reduction of an additional 2–3 db is obtained when installing the distributor plate.

The distributor plate can be retrofitted to VENTPLUS with outdoor air duct ø100 mm.

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Sigarth, Monclac Sigarth, Monclac


Alu-Zinc. (Steel with Magnelis® finish)

Tests and technical requirements

Noise reduction is controlled by RISE ( formerly the Swedish National Testing Authority SP). Read more on the product pages for Sigarth’s outdoor air ducts S-duct and straight circular.