About us

Sigarth AB is a company in the Gnosjö region of Sweden. This region has the largest concentration of small and medium-sized production companies in Northern Europe. It is well-known for its very special infrastructure which means major advantages when it comes to purchasing and transportation of goods.

A market leader in the HVAC industry

Sigarth in Hillerstorp is a market leader in suspension systems and accessories to the radiator industry.

At Sigarth, we are market leaders who take responsibility and deliver on our promises. Market leaders who put in extra effort, standing on tiptoe to see a little longer. We know what it takes to be a leading and competent partner to the HVAC industry. Our MONCLAC suspension system is well known in the industry for time saving and stability and has set the standard for an entire industry.

You can rely on us

With over 50 years of industry experience, and through close cooperation with radiator manufacturers in Europe, we have built up a knowledge base within the company over the years that is of great benefit to our clients.

We were among the first to deliver unique and patented solutions to the radiator industry. Solutions created using Småland ingenuity. Something that characterizes our area, the Gnosjö region. The region with Northern Europe’s highest concentration of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies, giving us benefits when it comes to procurement and transport, for example.

At Sigarth we want to continue taking on new challenges, to be a step ahead and to find creative solutions to our clients’ needs. With our own design department and skilled and experienced staff, we can continue to develop unique solutions for our customers. Continue to be a resource, a partner to clients in the radiator industry.

Sigarth in Europe

In addition to our head office and production facility in Hillerstorp we have production facilities in Poland and a sales company in Germany. Contact details can be found here.

Sigarth Germany
The sales office in Warendorf, Germany has been operating since 1991 and sells our products in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland. We have close relationships with local radiator manufacturers. In addition, we sell to wholesalers.

Sigarth in Poland
Sigarth Sp.z o.o. was established in 1999 as a sales office. A few years later, a modern production plant was established in Nowy Tomysl near Poznan. The main operations consist of the assembly and packaging of brackets and accessories. Today we have about 40 employees in Poland.


The know-how, loyalty and continuity in our staff is the most important resource for the company, and it is of vital importance that we have the best possible machine equipment, to increase our competitiveness and to remain our profitability.