Here we have collected answers to frequently asked questions related to our business and industry.

What do you need to know for me to get the right bracket?

We need to know the brand, type and height of your radiator. If you do not know the brand, please contact our customer support for help.

What is the VDI 6036 standard?

VDI 6036 provides guidelines for the installation of radiators. VDI 6036 is a valuable instrument when it comes to making the correct decisions and performing technically correct installations. VDI 6036 gives installers and clients the safety, security and knowledge that they are following a norm that is recognized within the EU. The standard shows the additional weights (excl. the radiator) to be expected in different environments. It aims to increase the reliability and safety of the installation. For more information, please see the VDI.

What is your delivery time?

For standard products, our normal delivery time is about three to four weeks.

Where does the name Monclac come from?

When Monclac was first produced, one of its advantages was easy and fast installation in two stages; a click/clack-function. To advertise this unique feature, we researched various product brands on our various markets. Monclac was the final winner. Today Monclac is synonymous with fast, safe and easy assembly.

Do you only make products for the HVAC industry?

We have more than 60 years of experience in plastic and metal production and over the years we have built up a knowledge base that is of great benefit to our clients. Examples of products outside the HVAC industry include forestry tools, guide tongues and crossbars for tracked vehicles.