Quality and environment

At Sigarth we work actively to reduce the environmental impact of our own operations and in everything do in order to exceed our clients' expectations.

Quality awareness permeates our work from order to delivery. We believe in orderliness and strive for the highest possible reliability, accuracy and precision. For us, that spells quality. For our clients, it spells security.

We have been certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for many years. We also work with various international standards and were the first in Europe to have TÜV-approved radiator brackets.

All our products are tested in accordance with the German standard for radiator installations, VDI 6036, so that you as a client will be sure that the installation meets the requirements the client may require. We have followed the standard’s entire development process and also contributed to the final result.

Our aim is not only to satisfy clients’ needs, but to exceed their expectations. We see ourselves not only as a supplier to the radiator industry, but primarily as a problem solver and partner. We do not sit and wait, but work proactively through constant improvements and provide our clients with solutions to the problems before they occur.

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