Exterior housing

Sigarth, Monclac


Exterior housing for spiro/wall pipe ø100 mm works in all forms of ventilation such as mechanical ventilation and self-draft. The housing is also protected against small animals.

The openable door makes it easy to clean the duct.

It comes untreated as standard, but can be powder-coated in a different colour.

Easy installation with concealed wall mounting.

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Sigarth, Monclac Sigarth, Monclac Sigarth, Monclac


All distributor plate parts are manufactured in Magnelis®. Approved for use in the marine environment. (Magnelis® is thus the only magnesium coating approved by SITAC in the highest corrosion class C5. A simple coating for superior rust protection.)

Tests and technical requirements

The opening of the hood is equipped with a small animal-proof grating. Highest corrosion class C5.