MONCLAC MCA wall bracket for radiators 20-33 with grills

Sigarth, Monclac


The bracket upper part is put onto the rail in one simple operation, which makes it possible to deliver the rail and the upper part seperate. It is also easy to put the bracket into the radiator package from the manufactorer. Apart from the integrated spring and locking mechanism, also the bracket foot part has a function, which makes it easy to put the radiator in the right position.

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Sigarth, Monclac

Grip measure in bracket upper part

The grip measure in the bracket upper part depends on the top grill design. The upper part is produced in many different design and sizes.

Wall distance

The wall distance is measured from the wall to the centre of the welding seam. We can produce the bracket in different wall distances, but the new function of the foot part works only with 32 mm wall distance. Contact us regarding your requirements.


The bracket top part is made from galvanised sheet steel 1.25 mm in combination with fibreglass reinforced plastic.
The bracket rail is made from galvanised sheet steel 1.5 mm. There is a plastic inlay in the bracket foot.


The rail and the upper part can be delivered seprate fromeach other. The brackets can also be assembled and packed in boxes or in shrink pack together with screws, plugs or other accessories, everything according to customer requirements. All packaging material is recyclable. The package could be labeled according customer requirements.


MONCLAC wall bracket is tested and approved by TÜV (German testing institute). All our brackets are tested in accordance with the new German recommended standards VDI 6036. Test protocols can be provided when needed.


As all MONCLAC brackets are made to fit different radiator brands, contact us for information regarding your radiator, and ask for drawings and quotations.