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Sigarth has developed a standard series outside air duct with a noise reduction of up to 62 dB independent of type of wall and insulation. The basic idea behind Sigarth’s outside air duct is that all sound reduction occurs in the outside air duct. The outdoor air duct is available as an S duct in 5 standard heights: 300, 320, 370, 465 and 570 as well as a straight circular duct. S ducts are equipped with a telescope, which means that the duct is very flexible and suitable for walls of thickness 300 and over. They are also equipped with a hatch to facilitate cleaning of the duct.

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  • Rock wool is used in all insulation and protection against fibre release with gap woven fibre.
  • RAL 9016 on all painted details.


The requirements that have been set on the outdoor air ducts are, among other things:
• Must be cleanable throughout
• Filter type F7 which has a final pressure drop of 15 Pa at 10 l/s air flow
• The opening of the duct is fitted with a small animal-proof grid
• The outdoor air duct must be equipped with supplementary wind/storm dampers from within the apartment
• Noise reduction of at least 58 db (Sound class B 57 db)
In order to ensure tht Sigarth’s S ducts meet the noise reduction requirements set in December 2015 including tests at SP in Borås according to EN ISO 10140-2.

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