Renovation bracket for panel radiators



The new solution replacing old section radiators with new panel radiators.

This bracket is used in cases where you want to replace the old section radiator with a panel radiator and where you want to maintain the old pipe system/connection dimensions. Available for BH 550 and 950.
Existing panel radiators can now be installed with the new MONCLAC renovation bracket and finally have a complete, robust and lockable system.


  • The steel is treated with MagiZinc® outstanding corrosion protection compared to conventional galvanised zinc coating.
  • Specially painted with Alesta® IP Polyester Industrial IE to withstand strong detergents – e.g. it’s used for the powder coating of hospital beds in Scandinavia.
  • Customise the bracket’s depth between 80-120 mm to fit the existing pipes.
  • No sharp edges.
  • Adjustable at the top and bottom of the bracket.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Safe and stable. Fulfills the requirements of VDI 6036 Klass 3.
  • For type 21, 22 and 33 radiators.