Sigarth, Monclac


VENTPLUS gives a considerable power increase of the radiator, which is shown in the enclosed excel-file. It also gives the apartments controlled air-flow and a better living environment.

VENTPLUS is individually adapted to different radiator brands.
VENTPLUS can be delivered with different types of filters.
VENTPLUS is easy to keep clean.

VENTPLUS has a big filter area, which makes it easier to find when the holes are made in the outer wall.

With the help of relatively simple round or rectangular channels, the cleaned air is taken into the room. VENTPLUS has effecient sealing material towards the radiator, to avoid cold draft on the floor. As VENTPLUS has a special shutter, that can be closed or adjusted, it is possible to get the right amount of air into the room.

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Sigarth, Monclac Sigarth, Monclac Sigarth, Monclac



Powder-coated steel sheet in a thickness of 0,8-1,5 mm. Some parts are made of galvanized steel. The colour as standard is RAL 9016. All interior surfaces in VENTPLUS are isolated against condensation.


VENPLUS has been tested at SP Energy technics in Sweden, and all datas and curvs are calculated from these tests.


As all VENTPLUS are made to fit different radiator brands, contact us for information regarding your radiator, and ask for drawings and quotations.