MONCLAC MCS floor bracket for radiators type 20-33

Sigarth, Monclac


The MONCLAC MCS floor bracket fits most radiators type 20-33 with an inner spacing of 60-100 mm between center of the welding seam. The height adjustment measured from the floor to the bottom edge of the radiator is 120-215 mm. This type is mounted directly on finished floors, and has a plastic cover. With a special accessory kit for radiators type 11, the same bracket can be used for all radiators from type 11 to 33 and for all heights from 300-900 mm. The MONCLAC floor bracket is developed in close co-operation with experienced installers who are familiar with the problems that could occur when installing floor-mounted radiators. The bracket can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally, and is very simple to adjust.

Security and stability

It is very important for us to always test the strength and stability of our products, to prevent any problem for the installer and for the end-user. Each bracket can hold a recommended load of 220 kg (tested with a load of 440 kg), and it can easily withstand harsh environments.


All bracket parts are galvanised and the visible
parts are also powder-coated in RAL 9016.


1 MONCLAC Floor Bracket complete. Plastic foot cover and assembly instruction. (12 sets/box)


The MONCLAC MCS wall bracket is tested and approved by TÜV (German testing institute). Through the tests we recommend how many brackets should be used on different radiator sizes, see enclosed assembly instruction.