For a cleaner and healthier indoor environment

At Sigarth, we are convinced that there is always a better solution and that we can make the world a little safer. Therefore, we are a little extra proud to present two world-unique solutions for a cleaner and healthier indoor environment.

Ventplus Supply air vent

Efficient, quiet and draught-free – an ideal solution for both new construction and renovation.

Ventplus Supply air vent

Through Sigarth’s Ventplus supply air vent, the incoming air is channelled through the radiator, where it is heated before continuing silently and draught-free into the home. Ventplus also increases the efficiency of the radiator.

Several different filter types can be used in Ventplus to capture particles from the outdoor air. The choice of filter type affects the air velocity and pressure drop over the installation. We recommend the use of F7 or F8 allergen filters. All design values specified are based on the use of an approved F7 filter.


How it works

Exploded view of an outer wall with straight circular wall duct. The Ventplus supply air vent is mounted on the inner wall and a suspended radiator. An exterior housing (accessory) is mounted on the outdoor of the wall.

  • 1. Outdoor air is channelled through the wall duct, either an S duct or straight circular duct.
  • 2. The air passes through an allergen filter that separates particles.
  • 3. The cold outdoor air is drawn down into Ventplus.
  • 4. The air is heated by the radiator, rises upward and further out into the room.

Wall ducts - for radiator supply air vents

We offer a standard series of wall ducts with a noise reduction of up to 62 dB - products for ur cities that are becoming increasingly densified and places with a high noise level.

S duct

The S duct is available in five heights: 300, 320, 370, 465 and 570 mm. A telescopic function (32–200 mm) makes it flexible for various wall thicknesses. It also has a top cleaning lid that facilitates cleaning.


Straight circular duct

This noise-reducing wall duct is well adapted for both new production and renovation. The outer diameter of the duct is 167 mm and the inner diameter 102 mm. With the help of a spigot, which is purchased as an accessory, the opening can be kept constant. The straight duct is delivered in standard lengths of 400 mm or 1200 mm, which can easily be cut to the desired dimensions. On request, we also offer other lengths.


Superior noise reduction

Noise (dB)

With the incoming air follows noise, sound from outside sound sources, which move with the airflow. In order to create a comfortable indoor environment, the wall duct needs to reduce these. The noise reduction in wall ducts takes place both through the design solution itself and with the help of sound-absorbing material.

Measured noise reduction

Our wall ducts were tested in December 2015 by RISE in accordance with international standard, EN ISO 10140-2:2010, with the following results:

Without the distributor plate
S duct 300: 56 dB
S duct 570: 60 dB
Straight circular ductl: 53 dB

With distributor plate
S duct 300: 59 dB
S duct 570 62 dB


Feel free to ask us for drawings or an proposal and we will help you on the way to a cleaner and healthier indoor environment..